What I have to say about Christmas.

My family never believed in Christmas. My father used to bring us to someone’s Christmas party, and I remember playing Secret Santa once or twice, but I grew up without this tradition of Christmas. Adding to this history, I think that the Christmas propaganda is annoying and overreacted. But one thing I love is the belief that a new year can bring us new opportunities and new energy to achieve our goals and improve our lives.

So at the end of the year, I never pay attention to Christmas, but I like to review my entire year and see if what I wished was achieved. And then I make a new wishlist for the year upcoming, and try to plan activities to achieve this things I desire.Year’s retrospective are good to do a self-analysis and see what we’ve done wrong or what can be improved.

So we’re few days before the Christmas Eve and I don’t even know where I’ll be in this day. My wife’s family throw Christmas party sometimes, but I think that this year they won’t, so I’ll probably be at some friend’s house, or maybe chilling with my wife, like we do in the other weekends.

Instead of saying what I want for Christmas, I’d like to say what I want for the New Year. I didn’t make my Year Review yet but the think I want the most for the next year is to travel more. I’m very happy because in this year we managed to have three amazing trips, and I hope to break this mark. I also want to get back to my running routine, and improve my English to become more fluent.

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