We should know Brazil better

Every time I get to talk with a foreign about Brazil, they reduce my country to just few words like Carnaval, Soccer, Samba, Capoeira and Beach. This makes the conversation a little weird because, except beaches, I don’t like any of these things mentioned. So I try to tell people that we have much more than these cliches about Brazil.

First, we have amazing wonders of nature, like the Waterfalls of Iguaçu, the Blue Lake and crystal clear waters of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. The Chapada dos Veadeiros and other Plateaus in Goiás. The mountains of Rio de Janeiro or Rio Grande do Sul, lots of other places including, of course, several beaches and little islands that are wonderful.

If you like historical places, traditional architecture, you can go to antique cities. We have this kind of place in Rio de Janeiro also, Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), São Paulo, the city of Goiás and cities around it (in Goiás), Natal (Rio Grande do Norte), Salvador (Bahia). You should check the Royal Path in Minas Gerais and plenty of other places with a lot of history to tell.

If you like rustic places, you can certainly find such thing in small cities of Minas Gerais, Goiás, and other states of the north, where you can interact with natives and check wild life into the woods. In the North states there are big rivers and one of the most used means of transport are boats.

If you want to check more of our traditional food, you must go for a Gaucho barbecue at Rio Grande do Sul, or have a Cuscuz in Goiás or any northeast state. Maybe you want to eat Pão de Queijo in Minas Gerais, or have some Rice with Beans in any place of Brazil. Perhaps you want to go for a Feijoada which is common in any place of Brazil, or a Pequi, which is more common in Goiás. There is a lot of traditional and delicious food here in Brazil.

In Brazil we don’t only listen to samba. We have people with different musical taste and there are places for all of them. We have awesome parties with Electronic Music, all kinds of Rock, Brazilian Country Music, Brazilian Funk, and plenty of concerts of Classical Music. You surely can have a genuine musical experience in Brazil.

Next time you think about Brazil, the main thing you must remember is that we are a big and diverse country, with very different people and very different tastes. We speak, eat, act and listen different here in Brazil, depending on where you are. Brazil can never be summarized in one or few words, but if I have to do this, the word I’ll choose for Brazil is diversity.

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