The end of a challenge and beginning of a lifestyle

It’s been 21 days I started my Vegan Challenge, and I must tell you, it didn’t hurt. Almost everyone around me hit back my statement telling me “I can’t live without meat (or cheese, or bacon, or whatever),” but it wasn’t that difficult after all. At the beginning I suffered more on avoiding dairy than avoiding meat, but after the first week I became more comfortable with my new choice of food.

I didn’t loose weight, I didn’t feel any difference in my mood or energy or anything else in my life, except for two things: binge eating and intestine. I used to arrive from work at night, sit down in my couch and watch YouTube/Netflix while eating until I couldn’t get more. During these 21 days I noticed my eating desire started to decrease and now I feel like I’m in the control, not the food.

Also, as I’m eating more grains, my intestine started working better. I’ve read once that meat gets stuck in the intestine’s curves, that’s why carnivores have a more straight intestine. So yeah, I felt some improvements in my life by becoming vegan. I know (and you should know either) that there’s tons of reasons to become vegan, and you can choose the ones that reach your personal health, the environment, ethics and more. You can convince yourself by using the approach you want. It’s good to know that by becoming vegan you’re helping the world to be a better place, but, we’re selfish, if this thing doesn’t bring value to our lives, we probably wouldn’t stand much long.

So now I’ll continue choosing not eating the animals. I’m always talking about food but veganism extends to other parts of our lives, as we have animal byproducts like leather, silk, wool, cosmetics tested in animals, and some other things, but all my clothes are made out of cotton, so that wasn’t a thing to worry about. Regarding to the cosmetics, that’s tricky, because not every company share that they don’t test their products in animals, so we have to do some research.

For how long I’ll do this? I don’t know! Maybe the rest of my life, or maybe until the next week. Let’s not worry too much about the future and work with what we have in our hands: the present. Other thing I think about this issue is: is not everything black or white. I believe that any effort is better than none effort. By being vegan/vegetarian one day of the week you can avoid some deaths, so although some rad vegans don’t agree, I think that any type of avoiding animal suffer is valid. Why won’t you try also? Maybe it will be life changing for you as it was for me (or even better).

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