My Trip to the triple border

At the beginning of the year, my cousin, his wife, my wife and I set up a trip to Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, a city that’s part of the triple border formed by Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, separated by the Paraná and Iguaçu rivers.Even though we had an entire year to prepare, we left things to be decided in time to the trip, or during the trip. Besides doing things without a strong plan, we had an amazing trip, with lots of new experiences.

At first, we were hosted in a very fancy hotel, so as we drove 1400km on Friday, we rested in the amazing pools at the weekend. On Monday we went to Paraguay to Buy some things, we were very excited on knowing what would be cheaper than in Brazil and what would not.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to the Iguaçu Falls, in Both Brazilian and Argentinian sides. It was priceless to see this amazing wonder of nature. We also went to a birds park, that takes care of lots of birds rescued from animal traffic

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On Thursday we went to Argentina again, to know a bit more of this first city called Puerto Iguazu. We weren’t allowed to go further inside Argentina using our car and driver license, but Puerto Iguaçu has lots of places to eat and is a beautiful city as well. We went to two casinos but I only watched people gambling.

At the Argentinian border it also has a shopping mall called Duty Free, where things are – or at least supposed to be – cheaper than in Brazil. My cousin bought almost everything that appeared in front of him. Maria and I bought few things. The most important thing we bought was a professional camera – responsible for the first picture in this text – and I’m very excited to learn how to use it properly. I already took some beautiful photos and watched some videos on YouTube to learn how to deal with my camera.

Our stay at the hotel lasted until Friday (25/11) so we were supposed to get back, but we saw a beautiful hostel called Tetris, made out of containers, and we decided to stay there one day. It was amazing, mostly because the majority of the guests were foreign people, so I had the opportunity to know lots of new people from different parts of the world, and also practice my English.

Our return to Goiânia was very exhausting and took 18 hours by car. We spent the Sunday unpacking and resting, Preparing to get back to our routine. I don’t need to tell you that I can’t wait for my next trip!

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