My holiday was a bit crazy

In November 2nd we had a holiday here in Brazil, it was the day of the deads. I don’t celebrate this holiday like the tradition says (basically you go to cemetery to see the tombs of your loved ones who have already gone). In this week also, people were talking about Halloween, which I also don’t know anything about except the fact that we do costumes and go to supposed horror parties. My cousin called me and my wife to go to one of those Halloween parties at a night club.

As we were all supposed to drink, we took an Uber ride so we could be free of driving. I drove my car to my cousin’s house, and I left it there so we could go to the party together. The night club was completely crowded and we couldn’t go inside (even if we could, we wouldn’t be able to dance or have fun) so we decided to go to another night club. The other one was a nice place and the tickets were very cheap, but the music was horrible (like really horrible) and the drinks weren’t really good as well. Still we stayed there until 3am.

We went to a friend’s house to stay over and then I noticed that I’ve lost my car keys. I wouldn’t call the Uber driver this late so I had to sleep with my mind full of doubts about where I left the keys. Our friend offered us a ride to our car to see if it was still there. Everything was fine yet, so we waited until the other day. We stayed the day at this friend’s house, and I started calling Uber at 11am. I only got to talk to him at 6pm, my wife was already looking for locksmiths. The keys were with the Uber driver but he was on a trip and would be back only in the other day (November 3rd), around 11am.

Now we knew for sure that our keys were safe and the only problem was that we weren’t able to use the car until Thursday afternoon. So we had to come back home by Uber again, sleep, and then in the other day everything will be normal. When we arrived home, where was the house keys?! Inside the car! I left the house keys inside the car so my pockets would stay thinner. Now we were locked outside. Our great luck was that our neighbour is my landlord’s brother, so he invited us to his house and there I was able to jump over the wall to access my yard (the front wall is surrounded with electric fence).

There was a hope, I usually leave my keys at my bag, so I tried to get it using some stick through the window and then open the house. I kept trying for almost one hour, and while I was trying, my wife and my neighbour were trying out a thousand of keys that he found at his house, hoping that one of them fitted in our door. It worked, the old key not my bag. I brought my bag to me and my keys weren’t there, I figured out that they were inside the car also. Now we were able to get inside the house using the neighbour’s old key, but the gate was locked by the gate engine’s gear, only able to be opened by the control.

I grabbed my tools and after another hour I managed to disassemble the gate engine and then open the gate. We were safe and sound! On Thursday morning we could go to work and then I called the Uber driver so he could bring the keys back, and now we’re happy forever.

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