Movie review: The Others

‘The others’ is a very breathtaking movie starred by the beautiful Nicole Kidman. It’s a movie filmed in 2001 but the story happens in the middle of the 20th century, right at the end of the second World War. Nicole Kidman is Grace Stewart, mother of Anne and Nicholas, two lovely kids that developed a disease where they can’t be exposed to light, so they live in a big house covered with courtains to block the sunlight.

The movie begins with Grace welcoming her new employees, an old man called Edmund Tuttle, an old lady called Bertha Mills and a young lady called Lydia. Lydia can’t speak but is very obedient and helps Mrs Mills with the house chores when Mr. Tuttle handles the garden. Grace tells them the house rules, highlighting the children’s disease and also that all doors must remain locked. One door mustn’t be opened until the other is closed and locked. Strange things starts happening then.

Grace hears weird sounds, screamings, cryings, but when she goes to the room where the sound comes from, there’s nothing there. Anne tells Grace that there are other people in the house, a father, a mother, a child called Victor and an old woman, but Grace doesn’t believe her until she sees the old woman in her daughter clothes. Grace then decides to go out and call the local Father, so he can bless the house but she finds her husband, who just came from the War.

Charles, Grace’s husband, is very confused. He doesn’t eat and stays only in the bedroom. He tells Grace that Anne told him what she did with Anne, and also that he just came to say good bye and disappear again. Grace starts searching the house old furniture looking for answers and finds a book full of pictures of dead people. She thinks it’s weird and asks Mrs Mills to throw it away. One day all the curtains were missing, and the employees didn’t seem surprise, so Grace starts thinking that they’re involved with the strange events and asks them the house keys back.

Spoiler Alert: don’t read the text below if you don’t want to know how the movie ends.

One night Anne decides to jump her room’s window and go out to search for her dad, but she ends up in three graves and find out that they belong to the employees. At the same moment, Grace finds a picture of Mr. Tuttle, Mrs. Mills and Lydia dead, she then hears Anne screaming and goes outside to get the kids. Grace locks the employees out but they tell them that now she has to deal with the intruders alone, they can’t help anymore.

Grace hears the kids upstairs and goes up to them, when she is there, there’s a table with lots of people and the old woman asks Anne what Grace has done with them. The old woman claims that Grace killed her children and Grace starts screaming the opposite, but then the movie shows that they’re in a medium session and Grace, the kids and the employees are dead, and the old woman is reaching them through the world of the living ones.

The memories are back now, Grace realizes that she killed the kids because she was upset about her missing husband, then she is more upset because she killed her kids and kills herself with a gun shot. When she wakes up, hearing the kids playing with the pillow that she used to kill them, like nothing happened, she thinks that God gave them a second chance, but now she knows that they’re in the dead’s world. The kids play in the house with opened windows, because as they’re dead, they doesn’t have the disease anymore.

The others are now leaving the house, and the movie ends with someone closing the gate that has a plate saying “for sale”. Mrs Mills tells Grace that that’s why she was acting strange, but now that Grace knows the true things are good. There will be another “intruders”, sometimes they’ll feel them, sometimes not.

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