Movie review: Dogville

Dogville is a movie that tells a story about a girl named Grace Margaret Mulligan, starred by Nicole Kidman, who is running away from gangsters and ends up in this little town: Dogville. Dogville is a small town near an abandoned silver mine in the Rocky Mountains. The road that leads to Dogville go to nowhere else but the mountains. The movie is divided by a prologue and 9 chapters, full of sadness and pain. Tom Edison Jr. is the one who introduces the town. He is a writer and tries to organize the city with regular meetings.

Grace ends up in Dogville after a gunshot and meets Tom, who introduces her to the town citizens. He offers Grace a place to live and she returns the hospitality with some favors. She starts doing these physical chores and gains the citizens trust. She is actually happy living there and doing her job but the police starts showing up in the town looking for her, so the citizens, afraid of breaking the rule, intensify Grace’s chores to keep her out of the police.

Now the big spoilers begin

In one of these police visits, Grace hides in Chuck’s house and he, knowing that she can’t be exposed, rapes her. People of Dogville also start being more and more rude with her, and the tasks were so hard that she couldn’t get it done perfectly. She starts an escape plan, getting help with Tom, using Ben’s truck. In the middle of the escape, Ben rapes Grace and gets her back to Dogville. Now she is treated like a dog, with a metal collar and a bell tied in it that rings when she walks.

The chores now are impossible to be done, the raping is frequent and she is treated worse than a slave. One day, she decides to meet everyone and tell how hard she was working and get back to her home. Tom visits her and try to have sex with her. She calls Tom a coward, and inquire him why he don’t just rape her like the others did. Tom leaves, disappointed, and calls the gangsters telling them that she is hiding in Dogville.

When the gangsters arrive, Tom finds out that the gangster leader is in fact Grace’s father. Grace talks with her father, and decides to get her revenge. Dogville is burned in fire, and all the citizens are murdered by the gangsters.

My 2 cents

I’ve found the movie very sad and I didn’t like that. Her revenge is strong and fulfilled, what makes the viewer a little happy, but for me it didn’t work, because after all the pain she felt, this revenge won’t erase anything and the scars will still be there. I watched the movie at night and ended it few minutes after midnight. I couldn’t sleep until 2am, thinking of how many women could be suffering right now what Grace has suffered in this movie.

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