Let’s talk about sense8

After more than one year of its existence, I finally watched sense8. For those who don’t know yet, sense8 is a very famous series launched on June 5th, 2015, on Netflix. It’s famous because it has a very intriguing and new (never seen before) plot, with 8 guys mentally and kind of physically connected. Another thing that made this series so special was the fact that some of these 8 guys are gay and one of them is also transsexual.

It’s great treating this social taboos because it makes these topics trending, and makes everyone talking about them. It’s even better because we usually confuse gender identity and sexual choice. Nomi (one of the sense8s) is a transsexual girl (born a boy) but she likes girls, so she is homosexual, although she was once a boy, see how great it is? Normally we think that if someone (let’s say a girl) wants to be a boy, she will therefore like girls. But a person’s genre identity doesn’t determine their sexual attractions. This misconception is called heteronormativity.

Of course this isn’t the main subject of the series but the connection between the sensates (people who has this skill) and how they deal with it. But the fight against heteronormativity and in favor of LGBTQ rights became a thing and part of the cast actually came to Brazil to the Gay Pride 2016. This topic became even hotter when one of the sensates’ actor left the cast because he didn’t want to participate in a group sex scene. I love when an entertainment thing leads us to actual reflection.

Well, Netflix released a two-hour Christmas special on December 23 and the season 2 will come with 10 new episodes on May 5th, 2017. I don’t need to tell you that I’m tremendously anxious!

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