21 days animal free

In my entire life, I experimented some strict diet related to religion (I was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist family) and weight-loss, so although I eat everything, I was never completely unconscious about  my food. During my latest years of life, I people around me started telling me about animal suffering, mostly those ones related to food industry. It started bother me and I kept catching myself thinking about it frequently.Last December I started experimenting vegan food (or strict-vegetarian food) and I felt comfortable eating it. So among my New Year’s resolutions I decided to try a Brazilian challenge of being vegan for 21 days. The challenge is about avoid meat (red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal) but if you feel focused enough, you can try avoiding anything animal by-products, and that’s what I’m trying.

I know that it will be hard, harder at the beginning, but if I fail one day or another, I won’t give up. I’ll try it until I get it! I don’t know much about vegan diet, so I’m learning what I should eat. Nowadays it’s cool to be vegan and there are lots of resources available over the internet to teach us how to eat tasty and vegan (otherwise I would eat only salad hahaha). In every place you go, it’s not so hard to find vegan food (I told you that I can eat almost everything and be happy with it).

The main reasons I decided to start this challenge (and probably become vegan for real) are:

  • The few information I had about animal suffering
  • To try something different
  • To prove that I can! One day I’ll write an article about what I think of food-addiction. So for now I can say that, to prove that I can live without animal by-products I decided to go vegan.

For the first lunch, I ate this delicious sandwich that I bought at Bapi. It is a vegetarian sandwich but I replaced the cheese with Chickpeas:

A photo posted by Sheldon Led (@sheldonled) on

Everyday I’ll try something different, while learning about what I eat. It’s cool when good ideas become a buzz, because it will influence other people. I would never think about avoid barbecue if people didn’t alert me about animal slaughter or suffering. So let’s see in the next days what it’ll be.

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