2016 Retrospective and 2017 year’s resolution

Last year at almost the same date, I published my 2015 Retrospective and desires for 2016. I explained how it’s a good habit to note down your desires of the upcoming year and see what you’ll accomplish. Well, my 2016 was a little messy (for who it wasn’t?), but still I’ve accomplished some of my goals. Let’s see:

First, the 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 a.m. I really tried to get a good morning routine, but put in practice these 8 things every morning was really tough! I’ll still try to get some of these things done but I don’t think I’ll be practicing this mantra in a short future. The topic I’m trying most is to ‘review your goals every morning’, I’m still trying to do some kind of Kanban board to help me see my goals and achievements. The second topic was writing more in English. I wrote lots of texts but I didn’t publish everything. So I achieved this goal but I still have work to do when it comes to update my blogs.

Which leads to the third topic, get my English better. I improved my English a lot this year, although I’m not ready for the (IELTS) test. I’ll keep studying to do the IELTS in the next months. However I’m already happy with my English, because I’m much more comfortable in both spoken and written areas (and also watching movies without subtitles). Fourth, I returned my studies in JavaScript and Web, and also made some posts about the things I studied. But I want more for the next year.

For the fifth one, I started studying IOT and published a post here and gave some talks about some projects in this area, but I decided to focus on programming and let IOT for the future. It’s not procrastination, it’s only about focus, I still have too much to improve in my current area. Talking about conferences and talks, achieving the sixth topic of my 2016 TO DO list, I gave talks in 2 different states, first in Rio Grande do Sul and later in our Federal District. It was very exciting because I always dreamed on giving talks at this conference in Rio Grande do Sul, so not only a year goal but a life goal!

The last topic was the most left out. I stopped running (running less than 50km per month) and gained 10 kilos in 2016. I’m not sad about it because I have enough time to fix it. That’s why I’ll start my 2017 resolutions with this one:

  • Get back to my running routine and Run a half-marathon under 2 hours
  • Get back to my “1 book per month” reading project.
  • Keep a journal and publish my texts/audios and maybe videos.
  • Keep my English practice and take IELTS
  • Keep my studies and start some cool project using my new skills
  • Visit a country outside South America

Even though I didn’t achieve the majority of my goals for 2016, I achieved 7 out of 12 (I only published here the main ones) giving me an accomplishment of 58,33%. Don’t be sad if your goals weren’t achieved, keep your mind focused and try again next years. Think positive and stay strong \o/. Also, some unplanned things happened with me, which is equally good.

Let’s see what 2017 has prepared for me :D

Happy New Year!!!

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