My 2015 Retrospective and desires for 2016

Since December 2013, my wife and I add our desire list and New Year’s Promises for the upcoming year in a spreadsheet. And doing this we achieved 90% of the desires for 2014 and 60% for 2015, and we also took a note about the things that happened without planning (that’s a long list too \o/ ). It was very grateful to see the amount of things we’ve done in a year, things that we couldn’t see because people nowadays almost never pay attention in their daily lives.

So it became a habit making New Year’s Promises in a spreadsheet all ending year. And as a plus, it’s good to check the list from time to time, to see if you’re in the way you planned, or if your life path has changed. If it has changed, you may have to alter your goals for the year. I don’t know why it works, sometimes I think it’s all about focus, or keeping your mind in a line to desire it so much, that the universe conspires in your favor.

Well, in 2015 we achieved some goals, such as my university degree, my weight loss (I still have some belly to loss, but I have time to loose it), my first half-marathon, my wife’s weight gain, her dental treatment, her job promotion, and we’ll close this year by having an awesome trip to Rio de Janeiro, a city she was born and I never got a chance to go. 2015 was indeed a great year for us!

There was some things we can’t made, such as my project of reading one book per month, our home improvement, and her post graduation. In other hand, some things we didn’t plan happened: I finished some frozen business, we’ve got our first tattoo, she started her driver’s license process, and we’ve got our first flight together. I know, some of these goals aren’t big, but that’s the fun: enjoying every achievement.

I suggest you to do the same, you’ll see the power of this in your life. But you have to put things that are possible to do, and you have to desire it for real! You don’t need a spreadsheet to do this, you can write it down in a paper, for example, or in another type of digital document. Just write it down and check it once in a while, I hope it works for you too.

This is a summary of my desire list to 2016:

  • Put in practice the 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 a.m.
  • Write at least 2 articles per month in English.
  • Improve my English and take a test like TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Retake my studies about JavaScript and web.
  • Start studying IoT.
  • Give Talks in at least 2 different states from mine.
  • Run a half-marathon under 2 hours

Let’s see how I’ll end my 2016. It will be more than a challenge for me, but you can see all these things I desire is possible to become real. Hard, but possible! And that’s how it works…

Happy New Year!!!

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