Let’s talk about sense8

After more than one year of its existence, I finally watched sense8. For those who don’t know yet, sense8 is a very famous series launched on June 5th, 2015, on Netflix. It’s famous because it has a very intriguing and new (never seen before) plot, with 8 guys mentally and kind of physically connected. Another thing that made this series so special was the fact that some of these 8 guys are gay and one of them is also transexual.

It’s great treating this social taboos because it makes these topics hot, and makes everyone talking about them. It’s even better because we usually misconcept genre identity and sexual choice. Nomi (one of the sense8s) is a transexual girl (born a boy) but she likes girls, so she is homossexual, although she was once a boy, see how great it is? Normally we think that if someone (let’s say a girl) wants to be a boy, she will therefore like girls. But a person’s genre identity doesn’t determine their sexual affectiveness. This misconception is called heteronormativity.

Of course this isn’t the main subject of the series, but the connection between the sensates (people who has this skill) and how they deal with it. But the fight against heteronormativity and in favor of LGBTQ rights became a thing and part of the cast actually came to Brazil to the Gay Pride 2016

21 days animal free

In my entire life, I experimented some strict diet related to religion (I was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist family) and weight-loss, so although I eat everything, I was never completely unconscious about  my food. During my latest years of life, I people around me started telling me about animal suffering, mostly those ones related to food industry. It started bother me and I kept catching myself thinking about it frequently. Continue reading →

Movie review: The Others

‘The others’ is a very breathtaking movie starred by the beautiful Nicole Kidman. It’s a movie filmed in 2001 but the story happens in the middle of the 20th century, right at the end of the second World War. Nicole Kidman is Grace Stewart, mother of Anne and Nicholas, two lovely kids that developed a disease where they can’t be exposed to light, so they live in a big house covered with courtains to block the sunlight. Continue reading →

What I have to say about Christmas.

My family never believed in Christmas. My father used to bring us to someone’s Christmas party, and I remember playing Secret Santa once or twice, but I grew up without this tradition of Christmas. Adding to this history, I think that the Christmas propaganda is annoying and overreacted. But one thing I love is the belief that a new year can bring us new opportunities and new energy to achieve our goals and improve our lives. Continue reading →

My holiday was a bit crazy

In November 2nd we had a holiday here in Brazil, it was the day of the deads. I don’t celebrate this holiday like the tradition says (basically you go to cemetery to see the tombs of your loved ones who have already gone). In this week also, people were talking about Halloween, which I also don’t know anything about except the fact that we do costumes and go to supposed horror parties. My cousin called me and my wife to go to one of those Halloween parties at a night club. Continue reading →

The pleasure of being alone

I love company, at some moments of my life I wish I could have some people with me but I can’t, for different reasons. But it doesn’t take the bright of a lonely moment. It’s amazing being alone! I love being at my own, listening only the sound of my soul, enjoying the moment by myself. It’s wonderful. It’s not selfish or antisocialism, it’s just a need that everyone has, even if you didn’t realize it yet. Continue reading →

Why you can’t see me?

I use my bike as a means of transport, not just for fun. I go to work by bike almost everyday. Of course sometimes it’s difficult to use the bike, like when it’s too hot or when it’s raining, so I have to use some alternative transport. I’m grateful that lately I can choose car as an alternative transport (mine, Uber or Taxi), because the public transport is really bad where I live. Yes cars are my alternative transport, even though I use it frequently, because sometimes it helps me better, like when the ride is too long, or the weather doesn’t help, or when I have to carry people or things with me etc. Continue reading →