My holiday was a bit crazy

In November 2nd we had a holiday here in Brazil, it was the day of the deads. I don’t celebrate this holiday like the tradition says (basically you go to cemetery to see the tombs of your loved ones who have already gone). In this week also, people were talking about Halloween, which I also don’t know anything about except the fact that we do costumes and go to supposed horror parties. My cousin called me and my wife to go to one of those Halloween parties at a night club. Continue reading →

The pleasure of being alone

I love company, at some moments of my life I wish I could have some people with me but I can’t, for different reasons. But it doesn’t take the bright of a lonely moment. It’s amazing being alone! I love being at my own, listening only the sound of my soul, enjoying the moment by myself. It’s wonderful. It’s not selfish or antisocialism, it’s just a need that everyone has, even if you didn’t realize it yet. Continue reading →

Why you can’t see me?

I use my bike as a means of transport, not just for fun. I go to work by bike almost everyday. Of course sometimes it’s difficult to use the bike, like when it’s too hot or when it’s raining, so I have to use some alternative transport. I’m grateful that lately I can choose car as an alternative transport (mine, Uber or Taxi), because the public transport is really bad where I live. Yes cars are my alternative transport, even though I use it frequently, because sometimes it helps me better, like when the ride is too long, or the weather doesn’t help, or when I have to carry people or things with me etc. Continue reading →

Understanding IoT

At the end of the 80s, computing area started growing very fast. The internet was born and the computers started to become faster and smaller. We also started to experiment automatic things on our daily lives, like a gate that opens by pushing a button, a television that can be controlled by distance, curtains that open or close just by clicking, lights that turn itself on as the sun goes down. It was an age of automation, which started in the industry, helping large scale production then, slowly, came to our houses. Continue reading →

Another project attempt

Too lazy to read this post? You can listen to my first attempt at a recorded article and let me know if I did well.

In 2015, I made some promises, and one of them was become fluent in English. Well, almost 25% of the year has passed, and I’m trying to acomplish ever goal I established. The goals I’m having some progress is: write at least 2 articles in English; be fluent in English; retake my computer studies. I’m writing some articles in English (this is one of them), I’m trying to improve my English, and I’ll talk about it in this article and I’m trying to retake my technical studies by watching some classes online. In this article I’ll talk about how I’m improving my English. Continue reading →

Eu não ajudo em casa

Sou casado há 3 anos – meu 3º aniversário de casamento é dia 23/03/2016 – e nunca ajudei minha esposa nas tarefas de casa. Sabe porque? Porque as tarefas de casa não são obrigação dela ! Simples assim. Nós dois trabalhamos fora e passamos a mesma quantidade de tempo dentro da nossa casa. Usamos a casa de maneira igual, isso nos torna igualmente responsáveis pelas tarefas domésticas. Continue reading →