The feedback of my first project attempt

A few months ago I recorded an audio post in which I talked about how I want to improve my English and become fluent. I also told that I was recording these audio posts in a way to practice my speaking but, as you can see, I just uploaded two audio posts so, I’m not the best blogger of the world, I didn’t upload too much, and I also wasn’t too motivated to study. I don’t know why I just didn’t upload so much. But even though I wasn’t studying too much my English improved very well. As you can probably have realized, in the other two audio posts, I was reading the text that I wrote in the blog, and in this one I’m just talking to the microphone, I’m not reading anything but the topics that I wrote, that I wanted to talk about in this audio post.

The other thing that I told in these audio posts was that I wasn’t using any free resources and I would stay that way until I get stuck in a level that I wouldn’t improve using just free resources, and what happened was one week after I uploaded this audio post my wife gave me a paid course, and kind of my words went down, but I wasn’t sad about that, in fact I was really happy because this course, which is an app called ABA English, is very nice and you can practice writing, speaking, listening, and the way that you practice speaking in this app is using a technique that is very nice and it’s called shadowing. Shadowing is, you take an audio and you mimic the native speaker, and you mimic the way that he or she talks, the tone of voice that they have and everything, the pauses, everything that they do you do, and this helped me a lot to improve my speaking.

So I’m still making a lot of pronunciation mistakes and grammar mistakes. People tell me to not be ashamed  of making these mistakes because everyone does, even natives. But despite not being ashamed of making these mistakes you have to work to avoid these mistakes. So at the beginning of August I found this teacher, she is the teacher of one of my bosses, and he told me that she is a very nice teacher and I booked some classes with her and it is in fact very nice. ABA English doesn’t have face to face conversation with the teachers, you can email the teacher, and the teacher answer you very fast but there’s no conversation between the teacher, and teacher that I booked the classes, she have conversational classes and it’s very nice because you have one hour of conversation with her and she correct your mistakes and she explain what you can do or you can’t do in a conversation and she uses the phrases that come out of your mouth to explain what you have to do or don’t have to do.

So she is helping me a lot to improve my English and have a more perfect English, and she gives me a lot of homework that are helping me a lot and I gained new experiences with my English. In July I went to a conference and I’ll probably talk more about this conference in another post, and in this conference there was these foreign guys and the only way that I was able to talk to them was using English because they don’t speak Portuguese and I only speak Portuguese, which is my mother language and English, which is the language that I’m learning, and I don’t know any other foreign languages. So the only way was able to talk to them was using English, and the conversation was very nice and I understood everything that they said (and I hope that they understood everything that I said because they didn’t ask me to repeat myself any time so I hope that they understood me). It was very nice, a very cool experience to add in this year.

The other thing that I’m realizing is when I’m listening to my favorite songs, I’m not reading the lyrics, and I’m understanding more the lyrics even though I didn’t read the lyrics any time. I kind of told a little bit about it in the second audio post that I recorded. I’m more capable to understand what native English speakers are saying. If you’re listening to this and are studying English I hope you are becoming fluent as I am. I hope that one day we meet and talk in English and have some fun.

I don’t want to make these audio posts a journey of my English learning. I want to be free to about everything in my blog but if I have some news to tell about my English learning I will probably make another post about that. So see you next time.

Understanding IoT

At the end of the 80s, computing area started growing very fast. The internet was born and the computers started to become faster and smaller. We also started to experiment automatic things on our daily lives, like a gate that opens by pushing a button, a television that can be controlled by distance, curtains that open or close just by clicking, lights that turn itself on as the sun goes down. It was an age of automation, which started in the industry, helping large scale production then, slowly, came to our houses.

At the beginning of the new millennium, people were already used with some home automation and were also using a lot of internet. They were not just consuming content from the internet but also contributing by uploading their own experiences, and it was the so called internet 2.0. The internet 3.0 started to be developed a few years later, when the servers (big and very fast computers that process everything we consume from the internet) started to become cheaper and faster, like really very fast. They started to analyze human behavior, process natural language, detect more patterns and work with those data.

In the other hand, electronic devices were becoming more intelligent and capable of more things. People started to build smart devices and make them connected with the internet. These devices could share and consume data with servers and, therefore, with other devices. This is the Internet of Things, a new therm for a new way of communication and data exchange. It’s an enhancement of automation, because now you can use the power of the servers, and outside information to perform an action.

Automation is basically divided in three parts, the sensors, that catches some information of the real world, the processors, which process this information, and the actors, which is the electronic or robotic part that does something in the real world. Now with the Internet of Things, this isolated automatic system can share information with other systems and do something better. Let’s see a real example.

Your garden has a light system that has a light sensor, which detects the sunlight and, when the sun goes down, it turns your garden’s light on. But you only arrive from the work at 9pm, very after the sunset, so what if your garden system could communicate with your garage sensor, which detects  whether your car is there or not, so it can turn the lights on or not? This garage sensor can also learn that you arrive almost every day at 9pm except on Fridays, when you go to the bar with some friends and arrive home around 11pm. What if this same garage sensor shares the information with your air conditioner? So it can also turn the air conditioner on minutes before you arrive and when you get home it is already air-conditioned. And the best part, what if you can check everything from your smartphone? This is something IoT can do.

As it is a new thing, there’s a lot to discover, but besides being new, it has already a lot of things connected. The other interesting thing is that it doesn’t consumes a lot of energy nor a lot of internet because the electronic devices are small and the data exchanged is also small pieces of information, so it can fit in your reality today.

Another project attempt

Too lazy to read this post? You can listen to my first attempt at a recorded article and let me know if I did well.

In 2015, I made some promises, and one of them was become fluent in English. Well, almost 25% of the year has passed, and I’m trying to acomplish ever goal I established. The goals I’m having some progress is: write at least 2 articles in English; be fluent in English; retake my computer studies. I’m writing some articles in English (this is one of them), I’m trying to improve my English, and I’ll talk about it in this article and I’m trying to retake my technical studies by watching some classes online. In this article I’ll talk about how I’m improving my English. Continue reading →

Eu não ajudo em casa

Sou casado há 3 anos – meu 3º aniversário de casamento é dia 23/03/2016 – e nunca ajudei minha esposa nas tarefas de casa. Sabe porque? Porque as tarefas de casa não são obrigação dela ! Simples assim. Nós dois trabalhamos fora e passamos a mesma quantidade de tempo dentro da nossa casa. Usamos a casa de maneira igual, isso nos torna igualmente responsáveis pelas tarefas domésticas. Continue reading →

Eu odeio rótulos!

A principal característica que noto em mim que cresceu e cresce nos últimos anos é o desprendimento dos rótulos que a sociedade cria. A olho nu você pode pensar exatamente o contrário, mas te falo, ninguém é único ao ponto de não se encaixar em grupo nenhum (o meme diferentona externaliza exatamente isso) mas todo indivíduo é único ao ponto de não ser exatamente igual ao restante do grupo no qual se encaixa. Eu sou o cara que tem um pouquinho da maioria dos rótulos mas se sente desconfortável quando rotulado. Continue reading →

My 2015 Retrospective and desires for 2016

Since december 2013, my wife and I started to add our desire list and New Year’s Promises for the year becoming in a spreadsheet. And doing this we achieve 90% of the desires for 2014 and 60% for 2015, and we also took a note about the things that hapenned without planning (that’s a long list too \o/ ). It was very greatful to see the amount of things we’ve done in a year, things that we couldn’t see because people nowadays almost never pay atention in their daily lives. Continue reading →

A modern version of a popular story about focus

When I was a kid, I used to pick a bit of steel sponge, and link the two ends of one or two batteries. The effect was instantaneously cool: the steel sponge burns suddenly. I loved to play with it, because it seemed magical. I’ll not enter in the chemical fact, just the magical one: it’s a micro firework that we can perform in our bedroom. Another pyrotechnics that I used to play with, was to burn plastic. It was a real fire and when the plastic dripped, generally the fire continued. From that one, I carry a few little scars in my hands. Continue reading →

Agora eu consigo correr

Até 2014, sempre que ouvia alguém falar alguma coisa que envolvia corrida – à pé – acontecia um bloqueio na minha cabeça. Eu tive uma infância old school regrada à brincadeiras de rua até o escurecer, banhos em represas, estilingue – no qual eu era excelente – bolinhas de gude, e poderia até citar Racionais MC’s por não ter tido “bicicleta ou videogame”, mas eu tive várias bicicletas, e fazia tudo com ela, agora no singular porque eu tive uma bicicleta de cada vez. Eu era cicloativista ‘before it was cool’ mas isso não vem ao caso agora. Continue reading →